How to: Enable Web Services (Master Data Services)

Configure Web services to enable programmatic access to Master Data Services.


To enable Web services

  1. Open Master Data Services Configuration Manager.

  2. In the left pane, click Web Configuration.

  3. On the Web Configuration page, under Web application, from the Web site list, select the Web site that contains your Master Data Manager Web application.

  4. In the Web Application box, select the Web application that hosts Master Data Manager.

  5. Under Web Services, select Enable Web services for this Web application and then click Apply.

  6. Open the Master Data Services Web.config file in a text editor. This file is in the WebApplication folder of the Master Data Services installation path. For more information about the path and permissions, see Folder and File Permissions (Master Data Services).

  7. Find the mdsWsHttpBehavior section under <serviceBehaviors>. For the <serviceMetadata> element, set httpGetEnabled to true.


    If you want to enable Web services over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), set httpsGetEnabled to true instead.

  8. Save changes to the file.

Next Steps

  • Open a Web browser and type the address of the Web service endpoint in the format http://server:port/virtual_path/service/service.svc or https://server:port/virtual_path/service.service.svc. For example, http://contoso:85/mds/service/service.svc.

  • Generate a proxy class to access Master Data Services programmatically through the Web service. For more information, see Generating the Web Service Proxy (Master Data Services).

  • Perform Web operations using the Web service. For more information, see Microsoft.MasterDataServices.