Advanced Editor (Component Properties Tab)

Use the Component Properties tab of the Advanced Editor dialog box to set component-level properties for the selected Integration Services object.

The Advanced Editor is available for most Integration Services objects that have configurable properties. It is the only editor available for those objects that do not expose a custom user interface.

Integration Services data flow objects have properties that can be set at the component level, the input and output level, and the input and output column level. The Advanced Editor enumerates all the common and custom properties of the selected object and displays them on up to four of the following five tabs as applicable:

  • Connection Managers tab

  • Component Properties tab

  • Column Mappings tab

  • Input Columns tab

  • Input and Output Properties tab

The properties displayed vary by component. For more information on the properties that may be displayed in the Advanced Editor, see the following topics:

For more information about the specific component that you are editing, see the description of the component in the Data Flow Elements section of the Integration Services Objects and Concepts documentation: