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Database Properties (ChangeTracking Page)

Use this page to view or modify change tracking settings for the selected database. For more information about the options available on this page, see Configuring and Managing Change Tracking.


  • Change Tracking
    Use to enable or disable change tracking for the database.

    To enable change tracking, you must have permission to modify the database.

    Setting the value to True sets a database option that allows change tracking to be enabled on individual tables.

    You can also configure change tracking by using ALTER DATABASE.

  • Retention Period
    Specifies the minimum period for keeping change track information in the database. Data is removed only if the Auto Clean-Up value is True.

    The default value is 2.

  • Retention Period Units
    Specifies the units for the Retention Period value. You can select Days, Hours, or Minutes. The default value is Days.

    The minimum retention period is 1 minute. There is no maximum retention period.

  • Auto Clean-Up
    Indicates whether change tracking information is automatically removed after the specified retention period.

    Enabling Auto Clean-Up resets any previous custom retention period to the default retention period of 2 days.