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Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server Namespace

This namespace contains types that are used for client and server database synchronization in Sync Framework. The following namespaces are used in client and server synchronization: Microsoft.Synchronization, Microsoft.Synchronization.Data, Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server, and Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe.


  Class Description
Public class DbServerSyncProvider Abstracts a generic server synchronization provider that communicates with the server database and shields the synchronization agent from the specific implementation of the database.
Public class FilterParameterCollection A collection of parameters that are used when you filter the data that is selected from the server.
Public class SqlSyncAdapterBuilder Creates a SyncAdapter and the SQL commands that are required to synchronize a client with a SQL Server database.
Public class SyncAdapter Represents a set of data commands that are used to obtain schema information and to retrieve and apply changes at the server database.
Public class SyncAdapterCollection A collection of SyncAdapter objects.
Public class SyncColumnMapping Maps a column in a server table to the corresponding column in a client table.
Public class SyncColumnMappingCollection Contains a collection of SyncColumnMapping objects.
Public class SyncDataColumnCollection A collection of the names of columns from tables in the server database.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChangeTrackingType Defines the type of change tracking that the server database uses.