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Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServer Namespace

This namespace contains types that are used for peer-to-peer database synchronization in Sync Framework. The following namespaces are used in peer-to-peer synchronization: Microsoft.SynchronizationMicrosoft.Synchronization.Data, Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServer, and Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe.


  Class Description
Public class SqlSyncDescriptionBuilder Represents scope and table information for a SQL Server database that is involved in synchronization.
Public class SqlSyncProvider Represents a synchronization provider that communicates with a SQL Server database and shields other Sync Framework components from the specific implementation of the database.
Public class SqlSyncProviderAdapterConfiguration Represents synchronization adapter configuration for a table in a SQL Server database.
Public class SqlSyncProviderAdapterConfigurationCollection Represents a collection of SqlSyncProviderAdapterConfiguration objects that can be indexed by the names of their associated tables.
Public class SqlSyncProviderAdapterParameters Represents a set of parameters and the name of their associated table.
Public class SqlSyncProviderAdapterParametersCollection Represents the collection of parameter sets that are associated with the tables used by this adapter.
Public class SqlSyncProviderFilterParameter Contains a name and value pair for a filter parameter that controls what items are enumerated during synchronization.
Public class SqlSyncProviderScopeConfiguration Represents configuration information that is used by SqlSyncProvider for a particular scope.
Public class SqlSyncProviderScopeParameters Represents the collection of parameter sets associated with all of the tables in the scope.
Public class SqlSyncScopeDeprovisioning Removes scopes, templates, and other synchronization elements from a SQL Server database that was previously provisioned for synchronization.
Public class SqlSyncScopeProvisioning Represents the provisioning of a SQL Server database for a particular scope that is represented by a DbSyncScopeDescription object.
Public class SqlSyncSqlParameterCollection Represents a collection of SqlParameter objects that can be indexed by the name of the parameter.
Public class SqlSyncStoreMetadataCleanup Represents cleanup of change-tracking metadata in a SQL Server database that is synchronized by using a SqlSyncProvider.
Public class SqlSyncStoreMetadataUpgrade Upgrades the metadata format of the database to the current version.
Public class SqlSyncStoreRestore Represents operations that must occur after a SQL Server database is restored from a backup.
Public class SqlSyncTableProvisioning Represents the provisioning of a SQL Server database table that is represented by a DbSyncTableDescription object.
Public class SqlSyncTableProvisioningCollection Represents a collection of SqlSyncTableProvisioning objects.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SqlSyncScopeProvisioningType Defines the kind of provisioning performed by a SqlSyncScopeProvisioning object.