Modify OData Source Query at Runtime

You can modify the OData Source query at runtime by adding an expression to the [OData Source].[Query] property of the Data Flow task.

Note that the columns must remain the same as what was used at design time; otherwise you will get an error when the package is executed. Be sure to specify the same columns (in the same order) when using the $select query option. A safer alternative to using the $select option is to deselect the columns you don’t want directly from the Source Component UI.

There are a few different ways of dynamically setting the query value at runtime. Below are some of the more common methods.

Exposing the Query as a Parameter

The following procedure has steps to expose query used by an OData Source component as a parameter to the package.

  1. Right click on the Data Flow task and select the Parameterize… option.

  2. In the Parameterize dialog, select [<Name of the OData Source Component>].[Query] for Property.

  3. Choose whether to create new parameter or use an existing parameter.

  4. If you select Create new parameter, do the following:

    1. Enter name and description for the parameter.

    2. Specify default value for the parameter.

    3. Specify the scope (package or project) for the parameter.

    4. Specify whether the parameter is required or not

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Using an Expression

This method is useful when you want to dynamically construct query string at runtime. In this example, MaxRows variable will be set through other means (script, parameter, etc).

  1. Select the Data Flow Task which contains your OData Source.

  2. In the Properties window, highlight the Expressions property.

  3. Click the … (ellipses) button to bring up the Property Expressions Editor.

  4. Select the [OData Source].[Query] property.

  5. Click the … (ellipses) button for Expression.

  6. Enter the expression.

  7. Click OK.


Note that when using this approach you need to ensure that the values set are properly URL encoded. When receiving values from user input (for example, setting individual query option values from a parameter), you must ensure that the values are validated to avoid potential SQL injection-type attacks.

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