PowerPivot Data Refresh

After you create a workbook that contains PowerPivot data, you might want to periodically refresh the data by rerunning a query or command to get updated information from the sources you used originally to create the workbook. This process is called data refresh, and you can refresh data on demand in PowerPivot for Excel, or as a scheduled operation that runsĀ as an Analysis Services process on an application server in a SharePoint farm. For more information, see:


SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and SharePoint Server 2013 Excel Services use a new architecture for data refresh of PowerPivot data models. The new architecture utilizes Excel Services as the primary component to load PowerPivot data models. The previous data refresh architecture used relied on a server running PowerPivot System Service and Analysis Services in SharePoint mode to load data models. For more information, see the following: