Transact-SQL Code Snippets

A Transact-SQL.code snippet is a template containing the basic structure of a Transact-SQL statement or block. You can use snippets as a starting point when adding statements in the Database Engine Query Editor. You can insert the pre-defined snippets supplied with SQL Server, or create your own.

Transact-SQL Code Snippet Tasks

Task Description


Describes how to insert an existing snippet, such as a CREATE TABLE or SELECT snippet.

Insert Transact-SQL Snippets

Describes how to enclose a set of Transact-SQL statements in a BEGIN, IF, or WHILE block.

Insert Surround-with Transact-SQL snippets

Describes how to finish building a complete Transact-SQL statement or block after inserting a code snippet.

Complete Transact-SQL Snippets

Describes how to build your own custom snippets and add them to the set of SQL Server snippets.

Add Transact-SQL Snippets

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