Automatic Code Creation (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, numeric values can be automatically generated for the Code attribute, or for any other numeric attribute. When codes are generated automatically, you are not prevented from entering other values for codes; rather an initial value is automatically set.

Generating Code Values

Administrators can configure automatically-generated values for the Code attribute by editing the associated entity’s properties. They can specify an initial value, and each subsequent value is increased by one.

When you enter Code values into MDS, either in one of the tools or by using the staging process, you can leave the Code value blank and a Code value will be automatically generated. Or you can specify a Code value of your choice.

Generating Other Attribute Values

Administrators can automatically generate values for attributes other than Code by creating business rules. They can specify an initial value, and specify the number each subsequent value is incremented by.

When you enter attribute values into MDS, either in one of the tools or by using the staging process, you can leave the attribute value blank. When business rules are applied, the values will be incremented based on the highest existing value. For example, if your rule is “Default attribute to a generated value that starts at 1 and increments by 4” and the highest current value for the attribute is 700, the value for the next member that’s added will be 704.

Deleting Automatically Generated Values

After an administrator enables automatically generated values for the Code attribute, users may accidentally delete a member that had a Code value they want to reuse. The error message “The member code is already used by a member that was deleted” will be displayed. There are two possible solutions:

Task Description


Automatically generate values for the Code attribute.

Automatically Generate Code Attribute Values (Master Data Services)

Automatically generate values for other attributes.

Automatically Generate Attribute Values Other Than Code (Master Data Services)