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SimpleSyncProvider Class

Represents a simple provider that is used to synchronize a replica. You will typically extend FullEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider or AnchorEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider.

Namespace: Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders
Assembly: Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders (in microsoft.synchronization.simpleproviders.dll)


Public MustInherit Class SimpleSyncProvider
    Inherits SyncProvider
Dim instance As SimpleSyncProvider
public abstract class SimpleSyncProvider : SyncProvider
public ref class SimpleSyncProvider abstract : public SyncProvider
public abstract class SimpleSyncProvider extends SyncProvider
public abstract class SimpleSyncProvider extends SyncProvider


The simple provider API is designed primarily for two types of replicas:

  • Replicas that do not support any kind of change tracking. This type of replica uses a full enumeration provider (FullEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider), which enumerates all items from the source replica every time synchronization occurs.

  • Replicas that support anchor-based change tracking. This type of replica uses an anchor-based provider (AnchorEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider), which enumerates the items from the source replica that changed after a specific anchor was set, which is typically a point in time.

For more information about simple providers, see How to: Create a Managed Simple Provider. For more information about custom providers in general, see Custom Provider Fundamentals, especially the section "Deciding Between a Simple Provider and a Standard Provider".

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