Introduction to Scripting in SMS

Published : April 11, 2005

You can use scripting to manage SMS more efficiently and to create solutions to better serve your organization’s needs. SMS scripting offers the following advantages:

  • Scripts can be used with scheduling services, alert systems, and other similar system operations.

  • You can run scripts that automate your SMS operations.

  • Scripts are compact and therefore easy to transfer and edit.

  • Fully debugged scripts reduce the risk of human error for repeated operations.

Scenarios in which scripting SMS operations can be useful include the following:

  • When you have many sites in your SMS hierarchy and it is too time-consuming and error-prone to manually make changes or verify settings on all the sites.

  • When you frequently create, modify, or remove SMS objects such as collections, advertisements, packages, queries, site systems, or reports.

  • When you have special needs that are difficult or impossible for an SMS administrator to do with the SMS Administrator console or the available SMS tools.

  • When you have a task that you must complete for some of your SMS administrators but that requires privileges that you do not want to give to those administrators. You can create a scheduled task to routinely run a script with the necessary credentials.

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Scripting References

If you have not previously written any scripting code, see the following chapters of the Windows 2000 Scripting Guide to familiarize yourself with the concepts and technologies required for scripting SMS:

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