What is a storage pool?

Published : April 8, 2005 | Updated : August 17, 2005

The storage pool is a set of disks on which the Data Protection Manager (DPM) server stores replicas, shadow copies, and transfer logs. Before you can start protecting data, you must add at least one disk to the storage pool. Disks added to the storage pool should be empty. To prepare for data protection, DPM reformats the disks and any erases any data on them.

The DPM server must have at least two disks installed — one dedicated to the startup, system, and DPM installation files, and one dedicated to the storage pool. In the context of DPM, “disk” is defined as any disk device manifested as a disk in the Windows Disk Management tool. DPM will not add any disk containing startup files, system files, or any component of the DPM installation to the storage pool.

For guidelines on choosing disk types and calculating capacity requirements for your storage pool, see the “Planning a Deployment” chapter in the DPM Planning and Deployment Guide.