Disk-Based Protection Process

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

The disk-based protection process in DPM 2007 is similar to the process in DPM 2006.

The DPM server creates and maintains a replica of the data that is on protected computers. The replicas are stored either in the storage pool, or in a custom volume that is assigned to that replica. Custom volumes, which are new to DPM 2007, are volumes that are not in the DPM storage pool and are specified to store the replica and recovery points for a protection group member.

In DPM 2006, a consistency check is performed on each new replica before data protection begins for the protected data. DPM 2007 does not require a consistency check on a newly created replica.

The replica is synchronized at regular intervals according to the settings that you configure. The method that DPM uses to synchronize the replica depends on the type of data that is being protected.

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