Replica volume threshold exceeded

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

This alert is generated in Data Protection Manager (DPM) when the disk space used for the specified replica and recovery points on the DPM server has exceeded the recommended threshold of 90 percent. To avoid compromising data protection, you should allocate more disk space for the replica and recovery points in the storage pool. If you do not allocate more disk space, synchronization or recovery point creation jobs might fail due to insufficient disk space.


Review the alert details in Data Protection Manager (DPM) Administrator Console, and take the appropriate action.

Possible causes for the alert include the following:

  • The data change rate for the data source might be higher than expected, causing the replica to run out of space.

  • Enough disk space in the storage pool might not have been allocated for the replica. Check that the minimum disk space is the larger of:

    • 1.5 times the size of the used space on the protected volume, or the total size of the protected volume, whichever is smaller.

    • 1.5 GB.

  • The size of the protected data on the source volume might have increased significantly since the protection group was created, which might have resulted in using more space than expected.

  • DPM determined that there is no free disk space in the storage pool.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Replica volume threshold exceeded” alert are provided in the alert details.

Follow the recommended action in the alert to retry the job.

On the DPM server, allocate more disk space in the storage pool for the replica. For more information, see How to Modify Disk Allocation.

If no additional disk space is available in the storage pool, you might need to add a physical disk drive to the DPM server and then add the disk to the storage pool.


You can change the allocated disk space remotely, if DPM Management Shell is installed on a remote computer.

To change allocated disk space by using DPM Management Shell, use set-diskallocation cmdlet.


Before you increase the disk space, you might need to verify the size using get-diskallocation.

Resolved when: Allocated disk space is changed or when more disk space is added.

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