Virtual Machine Manager Add-in SDK


Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1

Add-ins from the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) console enable customers and partners to create extensions for the VMM console. These extensions are presented as ribbon-button entries that perform specific actions or display custom views when they are clicked. Add-ins let you extend the VMM console with functionality that is specific to your needs.

Get started

An example Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 project is available for download at For more information about how to use this example, see Using the Add-in Example Project.

The following topics can help you start to create new add-ins:


The following topics describe how the architecture of the add-in system works:

Create a simple add-in

The following topics describe how to create non-view-based add-ins:

Extend the user interface

The following topics describe how to extend the user interface:

Manage add-ins

The following topics describe how to manage add-ins: