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Backing Up and Restoring Operations Manager 2007 Components

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2, Operations Manager 2007 SP1

Before reading this section, you should review the Operations Manager 2007 Design Guide ( to understand the components of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, and to learn how to prepare for failure recovery.

As part of your maintenance plan, it is important to include a backup plan. This plan should be thoroughly tested and documented in a simulated environment using production backups. Ensure that the Operations Manager backup plan integrates into any existing backup procedures in the organization.

Decide on issues such as:

  • What to back up

  • How often to back up

  • Complete or incremental backups

  • How and when to practice a restore

After you decide what the best backup strategies for your Operations Manager environment, develop and document a backup plan that will become part of the overall disaster recovery plan.

It is strongly recommend that you test your backup and restore procedures thoroughly. Testing helps to ensure that you have the required backups to recover from various failures and that staff can run the procedures smoothly and quickly if a failure occurs.

You can use a test environment including all the Operations Manager 2007 components to test your backup and restore processes.


The overall backup practices in your organization might include backing up the disk drives that the Operations Manager 2007 is installed on. When backing up those disk drives, including the management servers, be sure to exclude the <Installed Partition>\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State folder.

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