Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

Welcome to the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide for use with Microsoft System Center Operations ManagerĀ 2007 R2. System administrators of Windows-based, UNIX-based, and Linux-based platforms can use this document as a guide to how to create and use management packs to manage their computer systems. Because Operations ManagerĀ 2007 R2 extends monitoring support to UNIX-based and Linux-based servers, organizations can monitor and manage their cross-platform environments from a unified management console. The key to how to configure and run Operations Manager is the management pack, an XML-based file that defines the objects that Operations Manager will discover and monitor and the information that will be collected about these objects.

By using Operations ManagerĀ 2007 R2, system administrators of UNIX-based and Linux-based servers can now monitor the health of key system attributes, including the following:

  • File systems and network interfaces.

  • Critical processes (for example, syslog, cron, and others).

  • Key configurations (for example, resolution of host name and correct configuration of Web Services Management components).

  • Core system attributes (for example, the health of system memory and processors).

In This Section

  • Management Pack Tasks
    Describes typical administrative tasks and how to implement those tasks by using a management pack.


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  • Create Tasks
    Instructions on how to create tasks by using a management pack.