Report Parameters

Applies To: System Center Operations Manager 2007

Most reports have parameters that require values when the report is run to provide details of what content the report should contain and how it should be configured. Linked reports must provide a value for each parameter required by its base report. These values can be provided either through controls that enable the user to provide the value when the user runs the report or by having the linked report provide a specific value.

Each report has its own set of parameters depending on its specific requirements. In addition to parameters unique to a particular report, multiple generic reports share a common set of parameters. This section provides details of these common parameters. The sections for each type of report in the Generic Reports section provide details about other parameters that are unique to specific reports.

In This Section

  • Alert Parameters
    Parameters used in alert reports that refer to the properties of an alert.
  • Event Parameters
    Parameters used in event reports that refer to the properties of an event.
  • Performance Parameters
    Parameters used in performance reports to specify the contents and formatting of performance graphs.