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Monitoring Jobs in VMM

Applies To: Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 SP1

In Virtual Machine Manager, administrators monitor detailed job status instead of alerts to find out the status of operations. For your convenience, VMM provides three ways to get information about jobs, which are described in the following table.

Feature Description

Jobs view

View a complete listing of VMM jobs that you can search, sort, filter, and group. VMM maintains job history for the past 90 days.

To display Jobs view, click the Jobs button beneath the navigation pane.

The job details provide the progress and status of each step in the job (Details tab), an audit trail of all changes that a job made to objects in VMM (Change Tracking tab), and, for jobs that are initiated by a PRO tip in Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO), detailed status of the PRO tip jobs (PRO tab). The step progress and the overall job progress are updated automatically as the job progresses. Change tracking is only available after a job completes.

Use the filters beneath the navigation pane to filter by job status, owner, start date, or any combination of the three.

Use the Restart and Cancel actions to restart or cancel the selected job.

Jobs window

To monitor your own jobs from the current VMM session while you work in any view, open the Jobs window. This can be useful for monitoring jobs that run a long time, such as converting a physical server.

To open the Jobs window, click Jobs on the toolbar.

As in Jobs view, select a job to display details. If you don’t see job details, click More Information. The Jobs window initially displays job details. However, the details can be hidden by clicking Less Information.

To have VMM automatically open the Jobs window for actions that create a new object, such as virtual machine creation and physical-to-virtual machine conversions (P2V conversions), select the Show this window when new objects are created check box.

Use the Restart Job and Cancel Job buttons to restart or cancel the selected job.

Latest Job tab

To help you quickly diagnose an issue with a host or virtual machine, in Hosts view and Virtual Machines view, the Summary tab on the details pane contains a link to the latest job that was run on the host or virtual machine. While a job is running on a virtual machine or host, the Summary tab shows detailed status for each step in the job. To view the progress and status of each step in the latest job at any time, display the Latest Job tab in the job details.

PRO Tips

For each job that is initiated by a PRO tip in Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO), the job details display the PRO tip identifier, and a PRO tab in the job details displays the status of each job that is associated with the PRO tip.

To view data about the conditions that prompted the PRO tip and troubleshooting information, click PRO Tips on the toolbar to open the PRO Tips window.

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