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Configuring Operations Manager Integration with VMM

Applies To: Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 SP1

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 uses System Center Operations Manager 2007 to monitor the health and availability of the virtual machines and virtual machine hosts that VMM is managing. VMM also uses Operations Manager to monitor the health and availability of the VMM server, database server, library servers, and self-service Web servers, and to provide Diagram views of the virtualized environment in the VMM Administrator Console. To enable these features, you must integrate Operations Manager with VMM. Integration with Operations Manager is also a prerequisite for enabling Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) in VMM and for configuring reporting in VMM.

The procedures in this section explain how to perform an initial Operations Manager integration for VMM 2008 or VMM 2008 R2. The procedures also explain how to update your Operations Manager integration after you upgrade to VMM 2008 R2, and how to add additional management servers or an additional VMM server to an Operations Manager management group that has been integrated with VMM.

In This Section

  • How to Manually Configure Operations Manager for VMM 2008 R2
    Describes how to manually configure Operations Manager rather than use the VMM Setup Wizard when your VMM server and Operations Manager root management server are in different Active Directory domains. (This is one of several required configuration tasks for integrating Operations Manager with VMM 2008 R2.)


Configuring Security for Operations Manager Integration and PRO in VMM

About PRO

  • Enabling PRO in VMM
    Describes how to enable Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) in VMM so that you can start receiving PRO tips after you integrate Operations Manager with VMM.
  • Configuring Reporting for VMM
    Describes how to configure reporting in VMM to add Reporting view to the VMM Administrator Console, and how to make VMM reports, which are generated by Operations Manager, available to VMM administrators.