Tip: Know the Tools You’ll Need to Deploy Windows Vista

You will use the following tools when you prepare images and deploy Windows Vista throughout your organization:

Sysprep This is the updated version, modified for Windows Vista.

Setup A new installation tool for Windows Vista that replaces WINNT and WINNT32.

ImageX The new command-line tool for creating WIM images.

Windows SIM A tool for creating and modifying Unattend.xml files.

PEimg The tool for customizing Windows PE 2.0 images.

Windows DS The new version of RIS, which adds the ability to deploy Windows Vista images as well as Windows PE 2.0 boot images.

Pnputil This is the new tool for adding and removing drivers from the Windows Vista driver store.

Pkgmgr Use this new Windows Vista tool for servicing the operating system.

Ocsetup Replaces Sysocmgr and is used for installing Windows components.

Bcdedit A new Windows Vista tool for editing boot configuration data.

Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 Use this updated tool to assess whether or not your applications are compatible with Windows Vista.

User State Migration Tool 3.0 An updated tool for capturing and restoring user state.

BitLocker The full-volume drive-encryption capability included in Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

You can forget about using these tools:

Remote Installation Services (RIS) RIS has been replaced by Windows DS, but Windows DS still offers legacy support on Windows Server 2003.

Setup Manager and Notepad Use Windows SIM instead for editing unattended setup configuration files.

Winnt.exe and Winnt32.exe Use Setup instead.

Sysocmgr Replaced by Ocsetup and Pkgmgr.

MS-DOS Boot Floppies Forget them. Use Windows PE.

From the Microsoft Press book Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition.

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