Tip:20 Helpful Search Strings for Finding Special Characters in Word

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Searching in Word is not limited to letters, numbers, and other symbols. You might need to search for line-ending codes—for instance, to eliminate repeated line breaks or to find an occurrence of text that is at the end of a paragraph.

Here are 20 character strings you can enter in the search box to find special characters and other items.

Search String Searches For
^l (lowercase L) Manual line break
^p Paragraph break
^n Column break
^m Manual page break
^b Section break
^t Tab character
^w White space (space or tab)
^s Nonbreaking space
^~ Nonbreaking hyphen
^- Optional hyphen
^= En dash (–)
^+ Em dash (—)
^^ Caret (^)
^% Section symbol (§)
^v Paragraph symbol (¶)
^? Any character
^$ Any letter
^# Any digit
^e Endnote mark
^g Graphic


From Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out by Ed Bott and Carl Siechert

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