Tip: An easy Way to Switch Between Profiles in Outlook

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You cannot switch to a different profile within Outlook. However, if you maintain two or more Outlook profiles that you use regularly, you can configure Outlook so you have the opportunity to select which profile you want to access when you start Outlook.

Make sure Outlook is closed, and open Mail in Control Panel.


Select Show Profiles. For the “When Starting Microsoft Outlook, Use This Profile” setting, select Prompt For A Profile To Be Used.


Click OK, and then restart Outlook to open the Choose Profile dialog box where you can select from the Profile Name list or even create a new profile on the fly.

If you want to set the selected profile as the default, click Set As Default Profile at the bottom of the dialog box before clicking OK. If this check box is hidden, just click the Options button at the right to reveal the Options section.

Do You Need Multiple Profiles?
Note that with Outlook 2010, you can now include multiple e-mail accounts from an Exchange server in a single profile. It used to be that you had to create a new profile for each Exchange account.

Tip adapted from Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out by Ed Bott and Carl Siechert

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