Working with Exchange Server 2003 Stores


The Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 store is a storage platform that provides a single repository in which you can manage multiple types of unstructured information. A single Exchange topology may include store components (mailbox stores and public folder stores) that reside on multiple servers.

Because of the inherent complexity and flexibility of the store components, the store can be one of the most difficult parts of Exchange Server 2003 to administer. This guide provides in-depth information to make administration and troubleshooting tasks easier for you to perform.

These topics build on the basic concepts presented in the Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide. These topics examine several features of the store in depth, such as the way in which public folders replicate, how free/busy folders work, and how offline address books work. This information includes detailed explanations of how these features work, and guidance for using them effectively.


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