Exchange Solution Reviewed Program-Storage


The Exchange Solution Reviewed Program–Storage (ESRP) is a Microsoft® Exchange Server program designed to facilitate third-party storage testing and solution publishing for Exchange Server. ESRP combines a storage testing harness (Jetstress) with solution publishing guidelines. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and Certified Storage Partners can use the ESRP framework that is provided to test their storage solutions targeted for Microsoft Exchange deployment.


ESRP–Storage is not a Microsoft certification, qualification, or logo program.

The tested storage solution performance data and the best practice white paper are submitted to the Microsoft Exchange product group for review. Reviewed solution white papers are subsequently listed and linked from the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP)-Storage Web site.

ESRP-Storage addresses the following concerns:

  • An effective storage solution is critical to the success of an Exchange deployment.   Exchange depends on the storage to provide data availability. Poorly designed storage will not only translate in to a poor user experience, but it can also decrease the availability of the server that is running Exchange.

  • Exchange storage problems are costly and difficult to investigate and remediate.   Correcting poorly designed storage architecture after it has in production is extremely painful and costly because it often requires building a new storage system.

  • There is a huge variation in quality and configuration best practices across storage solutions used for Exchange.   Because storage is so critical for Exchange, there is a need to provide consistent storage testing and best practice guidelines.

To address these issues, the Exchange product team has created ESRP-Storage to enable vendors to produce tested and well-documented storage solutions that can expedite Exchange deployments, provide confidence for a given storage solution, and ultimately improve overall Exchange solution satisfaction.

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