How to Configure Public Folder Replicas


Before Exchange Server 2003 will replicate the content of your folders to other public folder servers, you must identify the public folder stores on those servers that will contain the replicated data. Follow this procedure to add or remove content replicas to public folder stores.

Before You Begin

Before you configure replication settings, you must first create public folder stores on the servers to which you want to replicate. Associate those stores with the public folder tree that contains the folder that you want to replicate.


How to Configure Public Folder Replicas

  1. Use a public folder's Replication property tab (shown in the following figure) to configure which stores will contain replicas of the folder, and how often replication will occur.

  2. In the Replicate content to these public stores section of the Replication tab, use the Add or Remove button to specify the public folder stores that should hold content replicas for this folder. The group of public folder stores that you specify is the folder's replica list.

Replication tab for a public folder