How to Enable and Disable Exchange ActiveSync Features at the Organizational Level


The following procedure describes how to enable or disable user-initiated synchronization and up-to-date notifications for your organization.


To enable and disable Exchange ActiveSync features at the organizational level

  1. Start Exchange System Manager.

  2. Expand Global Settings, right-click Mobile Services, and then click Properties.

  3. On the Mobile Services Properties page, under Exchange ActiveSync, select from the following check boxes:

    • Select Enable user initiated synchronization to allow users to use Pocket PC 2002 devices to synchronize their Exchange data.

    • Select Enable up-to-date notifications to enable users to receive notifications that are sent from the Exchange server to devices that allow notifications.

    • Select Enable notifications to user specified SMTP addresses to enable users to use their own SMTP carrier for notifications.


      With this feature enabled, when a new message arrives in a user's mailbox, up-to-date notifications allow synchronization to occur on a user's device. Enable this feature if you have users who are using mobile devices to synchronize, and you do not want to specify the carrier.

  4. Click Apply, and then click OK.

For More Information

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For detailed steps for how to configure a mobile device to use Exchange ActiveSync, see How to Configure a Mobile Device to Use Exchange ActiveSync.