Mobile Information Server Editions Comparison

Get a brief overview of the different editions and components of Mobile Information Server.

Mobile Information 2001 Server Enterprise Edition

Mobile Information 2001 Server Carrier Edition

Microsoft Outlook® Mobile Access

Outlook Mobile Manager


This is the baseline server product. Make corporate Microsoft Windows® and Web applications mobile-enabled, and accessible, from any mobile computing device.

Get a two-tier server architecture from which you connect to the diverse data-center infrastructure of the wireless carrier. The Carrier Edition can operate independently of the Enterprise Edition, however when deployed together, the two editions offer enhanced security, payload fidelity, and monitored message delivery.

Outlook Mobile Access delivers mobile Outlook functionality and a robust, mobile-phone, portal experience for browsing information and receiving standard notifications from Outlook e-mail, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

Outlook Mobile Manager connects the Outlook desktop with the mobile user. It's the desktop computer application that acts as an enhanced wireless notification agent to deliver functionality above and beyond what is available in Outlook Mobile Access.

Works With

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000 Server

Any microbrowser-enabled Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)/Wireless Markup Language (WML) mobile device.

Any e-mail-addressable wireless device.


Not applicable

Not applicable

Either edition of Mobile Information Server, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, or Exchange Server 5.5.

Any e-mail-addressable wireless device, Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5, or any version of Outlook.
Note: Desktop computer must always be on for Outlook Mobile Manager to work.

Combine With

Mobile Information Server 2001 Server Carrier Edition and/or Outlook Mobile Manager.

Mobile Information 2001 Server Enterprise Edition and/or Outlook Mobile Manager.

Not applicable

Either edition of Mobile Information Server.