Upgrading FSE


Applies to: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

To upgrade FSE in a cluster environment, you must do a “rolling upgrade” with the Setup.exe program.

To do a rolling upgrade

  1. Upgrade all passive nodes. If prompted to restart the server, do so.

  2. For each active node, failover the CMS to a passive node that has already been upgraded,

  3. Upgrade the new passive node (the one that has just been failed over). If prompted to restart the server, do so.


When upgrading an SCC cluster from FSE RTM to FSE SP1, after all nodes have been upgraded, run FSCUtility on all active nodes to add the FSEClusRes resource to the CMS and configure it. FSEClusRes is a Forefront cluster resource DLL that is loaded and run inside the Resource Monitor service (a Windows cluster service). Its sole purpose is to prevent more than one Clustered Mailbox Server (CMS) from coming online on one cluster node (either because of manual administrative action or a failover), so as not to corrupt FSE’s replicated registry settings. It is only installed on a SCC cluster. The syntax is: FSCUtility /enable