Chapter 5: Debugging and Error Handling with SSIS Packages

Package development and implementation goes beyond using transformations to connect sources to destinations. You must also implement error handling and test and troubleshoot your packages as you develop them. SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) provides several ways to handle errors at different levels of the SSIS architecture. For example, at the control-flow level, you can add a failure constraint that, if an error occurs, redirects the workflow to a specified alternate task. Similarly, in the data flow, if a row causes an error in a transformation, you can send the row out an error path. SSIS even includes event-handling capabilities that let you trap OnWarning and OnError events.

In this chapter, we will look at SSIS's various capabilities for debugging packages during development and for dealing with errors during production execution. We will begin by looking at the way to configure package transactions and checkpoints, and then we will see how to identify package status and handle task errors. We will finish by covering data flow error handling and debugging.

Exam objectives in this chapter:

  • Create control flow by using the control flow designer.
    • Configure transaction handling for packages, containers, and tasks.
    • Set checkpoints to define restart points.
  • Create event handlers.
  • Implement error handling.
    • Handle errors by configuring data flow paths.
    • Handle errors by configuring control flow paths.
  • Debug packages.
    • Debug progress reporting.
    • View intermediate results by using debug windows.
    • Examine the package state by setting breakpoints.

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