Managing a Site Collection Web Part Gallery

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Administrators of a toplevel Web site can determine which Web Parts are available to the users of sites in their site collection. They can use the site collection Web Part gallery page to add or remove Web Parts from the list of Web Parts available for use or to upload new Web Parts. Note that users may also have access to Web Parts in the online Web Part gallery or in the server Web Part gallery. The Web Part gallery for a site collection controls only a subset of all Web Parts available to users.

  1. On a top-level Web site, click Site Settings .

  2. Under Administration , click Go to Site Administration .

  3. Under Site Collection Galleries , click Manage Web Part gallery .

  4. On the Web Part Gallery page, click New Web Part .

  5. Select the check box next to the Web Parts you want to include in the gallery, and then click Populate Gallery .

    Note: The list of Web Parts that can be added to the Web Part gallery is derived from the list of safe Web Parts in the web.config file. There may be Web Parts in the web.config file that have never been in the gallery or that were deleted from the gallery.

    When you click Populate Gallery , the Web Parts you select are added to the gallery and are made available to all users.

If you have installed a Web Part package and need to add the Web Parts to the gallery, you can use the Upload Web Part button to add the new Web Parts to the gallery.

Web Parts can be organized into groups for easy filtering in the gallery. You can specify which group a Web Part belongs to when you add a Web Part to the Web Part gallery. Groups are optional you can add a Web Part without specifying a group.

  1. On the Web Part Gallery page, click Upload Web Part .

  2. In the Name box, type the name of the Web Part (including the full path to the .dwp file) or click Browse .

  3. In the Group box, select a group or, under Specify your own value , type a group name for the Web Part.

  4. Click Save and Close .

You can add several Web Parts to your gallery at once by using the Upload Multiple Files option on the Upload Web Part page.

Note: You must be using a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible client application to use the Upload Multiple Files option.

  1. On the Web Part Gallery page, click Upload Web Part .

  2. Under Name , click Upload Multiple Files .

  3. Select the check boxes next to the Web Parts you want to upload, and then click Save and Close .

You can remove a Web Part from the gallery if you want to make it unavailable to users. If a user has already used a Web Part in the site, and you delete the Web Part from the site gallery, the Web Part will remain on the Web Part Page and will still work. However, if an administrator on the server computer removes the Web Part assembly that contains the Web Part from the server, or marks the assembly as unsafe in the Web.config file for the server, the Web Part will no longer run, and the user will see an error message.

  1. On the Web Part Gallery page, next to the Web Part you want to remove, click the Edit icon.

  2. On the Web Part Gallery: <Web Part Name> page, click Delete .

  3. Click OK to delete the Web Part.

For an overview of Web Parts, see About Web Parts .

For information about installing, upgrading, and deleting custom Web Parts, along with descriptions of other central administration Web Part configuration tasks, see Managing Web Parts on Virtual Servers .