Configuring a WPAD server

The WPAD server is the server on which the Wpad.dat and Wspad.dat configuration files are located. To use Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway server as a WPAD server, you configure the network on which clients are located to publish automatic discovery information, and you specify the port number on which the Forefront TMG computer should make automatic discovery information available. Before deciding whether to use Forefront TMG as the WPAD server or to configure an alternate WPAD server, see About implementing WPAD.

Configuring a network for WPAD requests

You can configure Forefront TMG as the WPAD server as follows:

  1. In the console tree of Forefront TMG Management, click Networking.
  2. In the details pane, click the Networks tab, and then select the network on which you want to listen for WPAD requests from clients (usually the default Internal network).
  3. On the Tasks tab, click Edit Selected Network.
  4. On the Auto Discovery tab, select Publish automatic discovery information.
  5. In Use this port for automatic discovery requests, specify the port on which the Forefront TMG WPAD server should listen for WPAD requests from clients. 


By default, Forefront TMG publishes automatic discovery information on port 8080. If you are using a WPAD entry in DNS, you must publish on port 80. WPAD entries in DHCP can use any port.