FEP 2010 Reporting Database Maintenance

Applies To: Forefront Endpoint Protection

Forefront Endpoint Protection stores historical client malware activity in the FEP reporting database. (This database is sometimes referred to as the FEP data warehouse.) By default, historical data is kept for 12 months.

If you do not need to create reports that span 12 months, or you need to store a smaller amount of data, you can modify the amount of time FEP retains the data in the reporting database. You can configure the retention period to be as low as 3 months and as high as 12 months.

Changing the FEP reporting data retention value

  1. On the SQL Server where the FEP reporting database is installed, open SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Click New Query, and then type the following SQL query in the query pane:

    EXEC FEPDW_ XXX .dbo.spAN_Common_Report_UpdateMaintenanceConfiguration value

    Where the following is true:

    • XXX is your Configuration Manager site code.

    • Value is the retention value. Valid values are between 3 and 12.

  3. Click Execute to run the stored procedure.