ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions Class

Options to configure the Active Directory Federation Services JWT middleware.

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Namespace:  Microsoft.Owin.Security.ActiveDirectory
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin.Security.ActiveDirectory (in Microsoft.Owin.Security.ActiveDirectory.dll)


Public Class ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions _
    Inherits AuthenticationOptions
Dim instance As ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions
public class ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions : AuthenticationOptions
public ref class ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions : public AuthenticationOptions
type ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions =  
        inherit AuthenticationOptions 
public class ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions extends AuthenticationOptions

The ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions Initializes a new instance of the ActiveDirectoryFederationServicesBearerAuthenticationOptions class.



  Name Description
Public property Audience Gets or sets the expected audience for any received JWT token.
Public property AuthenticationMode If Active the authentication middleware alter the request user coming in and alter 401 Unauthorized responses going out. If Passive the authentication middleware will only provide identity and alter responses when explicitly indicated by the AuthenticationType. (Inherited from AuthenticationOptions.)
Public property AuthenticationType The AuthenticationType in the options corresponds to the IIdentity AuthenticationType property. A different value may be assigned in order to use the same authentication middleware type more than once in a pipeline. (Inherited from AuthenticationOptions.)
Public property BackchannelCertificateValidator Gets or sets the a certificate validator to use to validate the metadata endpoint.
Public property BackchannelHttpHandler The HttpMessageHandler used to communicate with the metadata endpoint. This cannot be set at the same time as BackchannelCertificateValidator unless the value can be downcast to a WebRequestHandler.
Public property BackchannelTimeout Gets or sets timeout value in for back channel communications with the metadata endpoint.
Public property Description Additional information about the authentication type which is made available to the application. (Inherited from AuthenticationOptions.)
Public property MetadataEndpoint Gets or sets the WSFed Metadata Endpoint for the Security Token Service JWTs will be issued from.
Public property Provider Gets or sets the authentication provider.
Public property Realm Gets or sets the authentication realm.



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