HttpMethod Class

A helper class for retrieving and comparing standard HTTP methods.

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Namespace:  System.Net.Http
Assembly:  System.Net.Http (in System.Net.Http.dll)


Public Class HttpMethod _
    Implements IEquatable(Of HttpMethod)
Dim instance As HttpMethod
public class HttpMethod : IEquatable<HttpMethod>
public ref class HttpMethod : IEquatable<HttpMethod^>
type HttpMethod =  
        interface IEquatable<HttpMethod>
public class HttpMethod implements IEquatable<HttpMethod>

The HttpMethod type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method HttpMethod Initializes a new instance of the HttpMethod class with a specific HTTP method.



  Name Description
Public propertyStatic member Delete Represents an HTTP DELETE protocol method.
Public propertyStatic member Get Represents an HTTP GET protocol method.
Public propertyStatic member Head Represents an HTTP HEAD protocol method. The HEAD method is identical to GET except that the server only returns message-headers in the response, without a message-body.
Public property Method An HTTP method.
Public propertyStatic member Options Represents an HTTP OPTIONS protocol method.
Public propertyStatic member Post Represents an HTTP POST protocol method that is used to post a new entity as an addition to a URI.
Public propertyStatic member Put Represents an HTTP PUT protocol method that is used to replace an entity identified by a URI.
Public propertyStatic member Trace Represents an HTTP TRACE protocol method.



  Name Description
Public method Equals(Object) (Overrides Object.Equals(Object).)
Public method Equals(HttpMethod)
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  Name Description
Public operatorStatic member Equality
Public operatorStatic member Inequality


Thread Safety

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