How to: Copy a Project

The procedure for copying projects in Solution Explorer is simple. However, the outcome can vary by project type. For example, some project types handle the copy command as merely a file copy of the definition file for the project container. Other project types, such as Web applications, may also offer the option of making a copy of the Web site the project is managing in addition to the project definition file. In all cases, Solution Explorer provides the appropriate outcome for the target project.

To copy projects

  1. In Windows Explorer, locate and select the project you want to copy.

  2. On the Edit menu, select Copy.

  3. Select the destination folder, and select Paste from the Edit menu.

  4. In Solution Explorer, add the project to a solution.

To copy Web projects in Solution Explorer

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the Web project you want to copy.

  2. On the Website menu, select Copy Web Site.

  3. Use the Copy Web tool to copy the web site. For more information, see How to: Copy Web Site Files with the Copy Web Site Tool.

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