Breaking Changes

This topic lists the breaking changes in Visual C++ 2008.

Visual C++ Compiler

  • The Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT platforms are no longer supported. These operating systems have been removed from the list of targeted platforms.

  • The compiler no longer supports multiple attributes that were directly associated with ATL Server. The following attributes are no longer supported:

    • perf_counter

    • perf_object

    • perfmon

    • request_handler

    • soap_handler

    • soap_header

    • soap_method

    • tag_name

Visual C++ Projects

  • When upgrading projects from previous versions of Visual Studio, you might have to modify the WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT macros so that they are greater than or equal to 0x0500. For more information on these macros, see Using the Windows Headers.

  • Beginning with Visual Studio 2008, the new project wizard does not have an option to create a C++ SQL Server project. SQL Server projects created by using an earlier version of Visual Studio will still compile and work correctly.

  • The Windows API header file Winable.h has been removed. Include Winuser.h instead.

  • The Windows API library Rpcndr.lib has been removed. Link with rpcrt4.lib instead.

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