Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2.0

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2.0 gives you a way to enable end users to customize your existing applications using Visual Basic and Visual C#. You can incorporate a custom integrated development environment (IDE) that is similar to the Visual Studio IDE into the application. End-user developers can use the IDE to customize the application by creating add-ins that extend the functionality of the application to meet their needs.

For the latest information about Visual Studio Tools for Applications, see the Visual Studio Tools for Applications page on MSDN. This site contains links to technical articles, videos, blogs, and other resources.

In This Section

  • Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK)
    Contains links to topics that help you develop products that integrate with Visual Studio.

  • Application Development in Visual Studio
    Contains links to topics that explain how you can use Visual Studio to design, develop, debug, and deploy Web applications, XML Web services, and traditional client applications.

  • Help Authoring
    Provides information to help you author and install documentation for your products so that it integrates into the Visual Studio documentation.