Resources for Troubleshooting MSBuild Errors

Not all MSBuild error messages have a specific Help topic for the error. Error messages that include both the cause of the error and how you can fix the error in the error message text are not documented further in Help. If the information included in the error message for resolving the problem does not work for your situation, you can consult other resources such as Knowledge Base articles, product support, or the developer community.

Other errors require a more detailed explanation that cannot fit in the error message text. For these types of errors, a Help topic specific to the error exists and can be accessed using F1 or Search.

Knowledge Base articles

You can search the Knowledge Base (KB) and view articles on product issues online. Not all issues have a corresponding KB article, but errors encountered by a significant number of customers are usually documented. You can access KB articles at Microsoft Help and Support.

Community forums

Forums allow you to interact with other developers, as well as Microsoft employees. If you encounter an error that you cannot find a resolution for, you can post questions about the issue on a forum. You can also search the newsgroups to see if others have posted about the same issue. You can access the Visual Studio MSBuild forum at

You can access MSBuild community resources online at the MSBuild Channel 9 site:

Product support

If none of these methods provide you with the answers you need, you can contact Microsoft Product Support Services. To access online support options, see Microsoft Help and Support. For information about product support available in your area, see Technical Support Options for Visual Studio.

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