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Introduction to the Visual Basic Programming Language

Visual Basic Express is a fast and easy way to create programs for Microsoft Windows. Even if you are new to Windows programming, with Visual Basic you have a complete set of tools to simplify development.

So what is Visual Basic? "Visual" refers to the method used to create what the user sees—the graphical user interface, or GUI. "Basic" refers to the BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language, a language used by more programmers than any other language in the history of computing. You can create useful programs by learning just a few of its features. The following links will get you started with Visual Basic programming; each link includes examples, as well as access to additional information.

Programming Concepts

What exactly is a programming language? The following links will give you some background on what a language is and how it stores different types of information.

Your First Program

Ready for a bit of real-world programming? The following links will lead you through the creation of a simple program and will show you how to check your program for errors.

More About Visual Basic

The following links will help you increase your knowledge of programming and of the Visual Basic language.