Concurrency Runtime

The Concurrency Runtime programming framework for C++ helps you write robust, scalable, and responsive parallel applications. It raises the level of abstraction so that you do not have to manage the infrastructure details that are related to concurrency. You can also use it to specify scheduling policies that meet the quality of service demands of your applications. The following documents can help you start working with the Concurrency Runtime.

Getting Started



Overview of the Concurrency Runtime

Teaches why the Concurrency Runtime is important and describes its key features.

Comparing the Concurrency Runtime to Other Concurrency Models

Shows how the Concurrency Runtime compares to other concurrency models, such as the Windows thread pool and OpenMP, so that you can use the concurrency model that best fits your application requirements.

Lambda Expressions in C++

Rvalue Reference Declarator: &&

auto Keyword (Type Deduction)

Transporting Exceptions Between Threads

decltype Type Specifier

Teaches you about the new Visual C++ language features that can help you best use the Concurrency Runtime.

Concurrency Runtime Walkthroughs

Code samples for the Concurrency Runtime and Parallel Pattern Library

Provides complete code examples that demonstrate how to use the Concurrency Runtime in real applications.

Parallel Patterns Library (PPL)

Teaches you how to use parallel loops, tasks, and parallel containers in your applications.

Asynchronous Agents Library

Teaches you how to use asynchronous agents and message passing to easily incorporate dataflow and pipelining tasks in your applications.

Task Scheduler (Concurrency Runtime)

Concurrency Runtime Best Practices

Parallel Diagnostic Tools (Concurrency Runtime)

Teaches you how to fine-tune your applications and make the most effective use of the Concurrency Runtime.

Parallel Programming in Native Code blog

Provides additional in-depth blog articles about parallel programming in the Concurrency Runtime.

Parallel Computing in C++ and Native Code forum

Enables you to participate in community discussions about the Concurrency Runtime.

Parallel Programming in the .NET Framework

Teaches you about the parallel programming model that is available in the .NET Framework.

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