Projects: The Container for Your Application

You use projects in Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 to store and organize the pieces of your application. Each application that you create has its own project that contains the data entities, screens, queries and resources that are required to build the application.

Although all these pieces are stored in files, you do not have to think of a project in terms of files. In fact, the default view of a project in Solution Explorer provides a logical view of the application.



How to: Create, Open, Save, or Delete a Project

Describes common tasks for working with projects.

Managing Settings in LightSwitch

Contains links to topics about how to set project properties.

Security Considerations for LightSwitch

Describes security features and considerations.

How to: Create a Role-based Application

Describes how to create an application that implements authentication and authorization.

Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel

Describes how to export data from an application.

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