Getting Started with Visual Studio

Whether you are new to Visual Studio and .NET programming or have used earlier versions, the following documents are designed to help you get up and running.

Overviews of Features and Technologies



What's New in Visual Studio 2010

Introduces new features.

Visual Studio 2010 Product Highlights

Describes feature and technology enhancements.

Quick Tour of the Integrated Development Environment

Provides an overview of the integrated development environment (IDE).

Samples and Walkthroughs

Samples demonstrate how various programming tasks can be implemented in code. Step-by-step walkthroughs show how to use various features and technologies together to accomplish typical tasks.



Visual Studio Samples

Lists samples that demonstrate code structure in various kinds of applications.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

Lists Visual Basic samples.

Visual C# Sample Applications

Lists Visual C# samples.

Visual C++ Samples

Lists Visual C++ samples.

Visual Studio Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that illustrate how to use Visual Studio.

ASP.NET Walkthroughs by Scenario

Lists walkthroughs that illustrate how to use Visual Web Developer to create Web sites.

Migrating Existing Applications

You can update applications that were created by using an earlier version of Visual Studio so that they load and build correctly in Visual Studio 2010.



How to: Upgrade Projects Created in Earlier Versions of Visual Studio

Describes how to use a wizard to upgrade existing projects.

How to: Upgrade a Project from Visual Basic 6.0

Describes how to upgrade Visual Basic 6.0 projects, which cannot be upgraded by using the upgrade wizard.

Porting and Upgrading Programs

Contains links to documents that describe how to open non-C++ programs in Visual C++ and how to upgrade existing Visual C++ projects.

Upgrading Projects from Earlier Versions of Visual C++

Describes how to automatically upgrade existing Visual C++ projects.

Converting to ASP.NET 4

Contains links to documents that describe how to migrate existing ASP and ASP.NET applications.



Introducing Visual Studio

Contains links to documents that provide overviews of various features and technologies in Visual Studio.

How to: Access the MSDN Forums and Other Community Resources

Describes how you can connect with other developers.