Visual Studio Image Library

The Visual Studio 2010 Image Library contains application images that appear in Microsoft Windows, the Office system, Microsoft Visual Studio, and other Microsoft software. You can use this set of over 1,000 images to create applications that look visually consistent with Microsoft software.


You must use images in the way that the FileName - Readme.html file that's included in each category’s folder describes. For information about licensing, see the following post on the Microsoft Connect website: Visual Studio image library license.

The image library includes three main categories of images: animations, bitmaps, and icons. A readme file, *readme.htm, is included for each major area. These readme files include information about how to use these images appropriately in your applications.

The Visual Studio Image Library is installed on your computer together with Visual Studio. To access the files in the image library, you must extract them from This file is typically installed in ..\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\VS2010ImageLibrary\1033\.


Express Editions of Visual Studio do not include the Visual Studio 2010 Image Library.

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