Configuring Resources to Support Team Projects

After you create a team project collection, you can add or change resources for it and the projects that it supports. For example, you can add a SharePoint Web application to a collection after you create it. When you add a resource to a collection, all projects that are subsequently created in that collection will have access to that resource. However, you can also add a resource to a project that was created before that resource was added.

You can add or configure the following resources to support team projects:

  • A SharePoint Web application and site collection to host team project portals for projects in the collection

  • A SharePoint site or Web site to act as the portal for a team project

  • A server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services to provide default reports and dashboards that show the progress of a team project

  • Guidance for team project members about the processes to follow when working in the team project

  • Web Access features, such as planning and backlog management tools

  • Automated e-mails that inform project members of changes in the team project

Common Tasks



Provide reports and dashboards for team projects: You can enable default reports that show progress on your projects, as well as develop customized reports, by adding a report server to your deployment of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

Add a Report Server to a Team Project Collection

Update an Upgraded Team Project to Access New Features

Promote collaboration between members of a team project: You can help your team work better together by creating and configuring teams in Team Web Access, and configuring the features available to those teams.

Features Accessed Through Web Permissionsfeatures

Get Started as a Team

Agile Planning and Iterations

Keep users up to date automatically: You can configure e-mail resources to allow team project members the choice to receive e-mail notifications when certain events occur in a team project, such as when a work item is assigned to them or a build completes.

Configure Email Notifications and Specify the SMTP Server

Customize the Mail Alert Format for Work Item Changes

Delete a team project: You can help your users find the projects they need by deleting any team projects in a team project collection that are no longer in use.

Delete a Team Project

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