Get Up and Running With a Single-Server Installation

Installing Team Foundation Server is fairly straightforward. However, managing that installation can become complex. As an administrator, you need to create projects, add users to the system, and set permissions for those users. You have to manage all the users in your system to help keep your deployment secure from those who shouldn't have access to it, but readily available and functional for those who should. You also want to make sure that your deployment is backed up just in case something happens to the server hardware, or some other disaster occurs, such as a virus that corrupts your data.

Preparing for your installation ahead of time can make it simpler to manage users over the lifetime of the deployment. Similarly, setting up backups for the system as soon as you have installed and configured the software can help you recover your deployment if it becomes necessary.


This tutorial contains fictitious users, servers, and companies as part of the examples that help illustrate the procedures. The example companies, organizations, products, domain names, e-mail addresses, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious.  No association with any real company, organization, product, domain name, email address, logo, person, places, or events is intended or should be inferred.

Tutorial contents



Prepare for Installation

Learn about users, groups, and permissions in Team Foundation Server deployments, and plan ahead to make managing these permissions simpler across a deployment that uses SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint Foundation 2010, and Team Foundation Server. Learn how to create and manage groups of users and create accounts to use as service accounts.

Install Prerequisites and Team Foundation Server

Learn how to install Team Foundation Server in one of the most common installation types. You'll learn how to install the prerequisites for a single-server installation, and to install Team Foundation Server by using the Standard Wizard.

Configure Team Foundation Server to Support Your Development Teams

Learn how to create projects in Team Foundation Server. You'll learn how to configure groups of users to those projects so that they have the permissions they need in Team Foundation Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SharePoint Foundation 2010. Also, learn how to restrict a group of users from viewing a project in Team Foundation Server.

Create Back Up Schedule and Plan

Learn how to manually configure backups for all of the components used by a single-server deployment of Team Foundation Server.