C/C++ Build Errors

The articles in this section of the documentation explain error messages that are generated by the build tools. The Visual C++ compiler and build tools can report many kinds of errors and warnings. The build tools may make assumptions about code intent and attempt to continue after an error or warning is found, so that more issues can be reported at the same time. If the tools make the wrong assumption, later errors or warnings may not apply to your project. When you correct issues in your project, always start with the first error or warning that's reported, and rebuild often.

To get help on a particular error message in Visual Studio, select an error number in the Output window and press the F1 key to open the MSDN page for that error. In MSDN, you can also search for articles about errors or browse the list of errors by category in the navigation pane.


Not every Visual C++ error is documented in MSDN because in many cases, the diagnostic message provides all of the information that's available. If you think an error message needs additional explanation, you can let us know. On the menu bar in Visual Studio, choose Help, Report a Bug, or submit a suggestion or bug report on Microsoft Connect.

You may find assistance for errors and warnings on the MSDN public forums. The Visual C++ Language forum is for questions and discussions about the Visual C++ language syntax and compiler. The Visual C++ General forum is for questions about Visual C++ that are not discussed in other forums. You may also find help about errors and warnings on Stack Overflow.

For links to additional resources about Visual C++, see Visual C++ Help and Community.

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