Adopting Team Explorer Everywhere

Your team can collaborate across platforms and improve the predictability of your development processes by using Team Explorer Everywhere, which provides the tools and plug-ins that you need to access Team Foundation Server from Eclipse-based environments and non-Windows platforms. Team Explorer Everywhere includes both the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse and the Cross-platform Command-Line Client for Team Foundation Server.

The following diagram demonstrates that team members on different platforms can collaborate by using Team Foundation Server.

TFS and integrated Team Explorer Everywhere

Here’s how to get started with Team Explorer Everywhere:

  1. Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Eclipse - Beginner's Guide

    1. Installing the Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Eclipse

      Learn the prerequisites and procedures for installing Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Eclipse.

    2. Connecting to Team Foundation Server (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      Learn how to connect to Team Foundation Server from the TFS Plug-in for Eclipse.

    3. Sharing Eclipse Projects in Team Foundation Server

      Learn how to add your Eclipse project into Team Foundation Server and share it with other team members.

    4. Importing Projects from Team Foundation Server

      Learn how to download a project from Team Foundation Server to work on it locally.

    5. Learn how to perform the most basic version control tasks:

      1. Manage Pending Changes (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      2. Add Files to Version Control (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      3. Get Files from the Server to Your Workspace (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      4. Check Out and Edit Files (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      5. Check in Your Work (Team Explorer Everywhere)

    6. Setting up an Ant or Maven build in TFS

      Learn how to set up a continuous integration build with Eclipse and Team Foundation Server.

  2. Cross-Platform Command-Line Client- Beginner's Guide

    Learn how to perform basic version control operations by using the command-line client. It covers all the basic commands that you need to get started with the client.

    1. Command-Line Syntax (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      Learn the general syntax and usage information of the command-line client.

    2. Command-Line Authentication for Team Explorer Everywhere

      Learn how to authenticate yourself to Team Foundation Server.

    3. Set Environment Variables (Team Explorer Everywhere)

      Learn how to use environment variables to configure the command-line client.

    4. Scripting in the Cross-Platform Command-Line Client for Team Foundation Server

      Learn how to automate tasks by scripting the command-line client.

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