Connecting to Team Foundation Server (Team Explorer Everywhere)

Connect Eclipse to your team project in TFS so that you can use TFS to share your code, build your apps, and improve collaboration with your customers and your team members.

  1. If you haven’t already, install the TFS plug-in for Eclipse.

  2. Use the Team Foundation Server perspective in Eclipse to connect to TFS. If you use Visual Studio Online, connect to http://{your account} If you use an on-premises installation of TFS, use http://{server}:{port}/tfs. The port will usually be 8080, but it could be different for your installation.

    Connect to Team Foundation Server


    Your TFS perspective may appear in a different pane than what’s shown here.

    The Add Existing Team Project dialog box appears. Choose the Servers… button.

    Connect to Team Foundation Server

    The Add/Remove Team Foundation Server dialog box appears. Choose the Add button.

    Connect to Team Foundation Server

  3. Copy your team project's URL from the browser.

    Add Team Foundation Server

  4. Select your project collection, and then select your team project.

    Add existing team project

    Now you're connected. You can use TFS to can share and build your code, and to help collaborate with your customers and with your team members.

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Q & A

Q: Why do I get a TF10169 error why I try to roll back my root folder?

A: The team project requires a root folder, so you can’t roll it back. You can delete the team project, though.

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