Upgrade from Visual SourceSafe using the wizard

After you understand how the upgrade tools work and have completed preparations, you can proceed to upgrade your Visual SourceSafe data. In most cases, you should use the VSS Upgrade Wizard. Advantages include:

Upgrade your Visual SourceSafe data using the wizard


You must run Analyze on your Visual SourceSafe repository before you use the wizard. See Copy and prepare your Visual SourceSafe database.

  1. From Windows Start, run VSS Upgrade Wizard.

  2. On the Visual SourceSafe Repository page…

    VSS Upgrade Wizard - Repository

    Specify the repository, and if necessary, the Admin password.

  3. To display the projects in your Visual SourceSafe repository, choose the List Available Projects link.

    VSS Upgrade Wizard - Repository Projects

    Select the projects that contain the data you want to upgrade.

  4. Select the check box at the bottom of the page to confirm you have run Analyze. See Copy and prepare your Visual SourceSafe database.

    Choose Next.

  5. On the Team Project page…

    VSS Upgrade Wizard - Team Project

    Choose Browse and then use the Select a Team project for Migration dialog box to specify the team project into which you want to port the upgraded data.

    We recommend that you use a new team project that you have not yet begun using. You can also upgrade your data into a team project that you are already using. However, if the path to any of your Visual Source Safe items overlaps with an existing version control path, the upgrade process will fail.

    Choose Next.

  6. On the options page…

    VSS Upgrade Wizard - history options

    Select whether you want to upgrade the Full history or Tip to omit historical data.


    If you want to upgrade a specific subset of your historical data, you can truncate it before you upgrade. Choose Cancel, and then see Truncate the history of items.

  7. On the options page…

    VSS Upgrade Wizard - SQL Server instance

    Specify the name of the SQL Server instance you want the wizard to use for temporary storage. See Provide a database for upgrade tool to use.

    Choose Next.

  8. Review the configuration settings and then choose Next.

  9. After the readiness checks all pass, choose Upgrade.

  10. The wizard analyzes your Visual SourceSafe data, and then upgrades and ports it to your Team Foundation Server. After the process is complete, choose Next.

  11. View and verify the results, and resolve issues as necessary.